Honoring Ingrid Washinawatok when we traveled to Uwa territory. Aug 2010
Community garden workshops -- and recuperation of ancestral seeds -- led by Uwa women in Uwa territory

The mission of Mujer U'wa is to support Indigenous U'wa women in the jungles of Colombia to build female leadership, as they contribute to peace building in a war zone and a territory that is rich in petroleum and natural resources.

Mujer U'wa is made up of Indigenous U'wa women in Colombia and Indigenous & Latina women volunteers in the US who raise funds, spread awareness and build community in Oakland, Berkeley,  and New York City.

Background: In early 2004, a women's group was formed to honor the life of Yamile Uncasia, a young woman leader brutally killed in January 2004 by illegal armed actors. The women began to organize and this new energy led to the creation of new models of participation, where men and women work to strengthen the role of women in the movement for peace and Indigenous rights. With women in leadership, the U’wa struggles have the potential to transform Indigenous movements for human rights and self-determination, both in the U’wa community and beyond.
Current Projects: The women leaders' strength, commitment, love and depth shows through - as they conduct workshops deep in the jungle, learn traditional weaving, organize around food security, study law and medicine and protect sacred sites.

Current projects include:

- Leadership Workshops;

- Food Security and Health; and

- Traditional Arts and Economic Sustainability

From outside of Colombia, we raise funds, spread awareness and build community.